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The end of the season.

This is a difficult period of time for most of us. The end of the summer season means a totally different way of life here. Now we have time to focus on our own domestic lives again with family and friends. From working all hours we are now suddenly free and don’t seem to know what to do with our time. There are autumn jobs to do but nothing is urgent – so I usually end up doing nothing. All summer, life has been ruled by the opening hours of the restaurant and now we need a lot of self discipline to plan our days.

I still wake up in the morning with that feeling of dread – 10 hours non-stop in the restaurant – and then suddenly realise that I can actually go back to sleep if I want to. No restaurant for another 5 months!

In one way, it’s as if a weight has lifted from my shoulders –  but another in now placed there. All the things that we promised to do during winter are now waiting for us to start, cleaning  the house, exercise classes, helping out in the village community, etc.

It usually takes about a month before I can comfortably adjust to this new pace of life.

Then Christmas is upon us and we have to start organising the festivities – open-air fetes, carol-singing, lighting the village christmas tree, etc. I like taking part in village life. I don’t feel comfortable being a full time mother or even a full time wife at first. I miss meeting all the people we get to know in the summer and enjoying the out-of-doors lifestyle during the season. Yet, when the time comes when I have to give it all up again at the beginning of the new season, it is equally as difficult.