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Ship wreck in Molyvos


ship wreck 1

ship wreck 1

2014-12-28 15.24.43
Late December a fishing boat when off course and hit rocks on the second bay of Molyvos before the harbour.


2014-12-28 15.23.30
Nobody was hurt and the boat was completely destroyed. The captain and crew swam to shore.
The crew lost all their belonging 2014-12-28 15.24.56


The Moving in Molyvos festival is part of a new creative approach to the promotion of the island’s well-known health-giving properties such as the natural hot spring spas. These are already enjoyed by both holiday-makers and participants in the many health and well-being seminars held on the island every year.
Now the local tourist association is bringing together the many teachers and workshop leaders working on Lesvos to celebrate their work in this unique three-day event.

The festival offers the chance to take part in a fascinating series of workshops, open to men and women, at the special festival price of 5 euro per class in:

• Yoga  (three different forms)
• Nia,
• Tai Chi
• Chi Gong,
• Healing Dances and songs
• Aqua therapy. 
• Greek dancing
• Eastern Belly dancing
• Nature walks

 All participants are invited to a series of complimentary Greek lessons and special free evening events:

 • Welcome drinks to introduce the festival and the teachers

• Sunset at Molyvos castle with ouzo and traditional Greek music

• A chance to dance! Enjoy a short performance of Greek dances  

    before getting up and joining in – encouraged by some Greek wine   

    and snacks.

 During the festival, there will be an exhibition of classic and contemporary work by local artists at the Trifon building on the harbour every evening, with free entrance for everyone.

All the festival events are designed to complement each other and to foster well-being, strengthen the mind and body, and energize the individual.

You can look at the festival programme and create your own, personal  timetable of classes, leaving time to experience the special energy and vibrance of Greece’s third largest island.

On our part, we look forward to welcoming you and providing a unique experience that maximises every aspect of Molyvos- our very special Aegean village.

A significant proportion of the festival income goes to local charities.

For more information check out our website. 

Sterilising Cats.

A lot of people that come on holiday to Molivos tell me that the cats here look so well compared with many other holiday places.  If you look well you can see that many of the cats in Molivos are missing a little tip of one ear and that is the reason that they don’t look too bad –  these are the ones which have been sterilised. That is one of the reasons that there aren’t so many cats (allthough people keep dumping kittens) and, better still, the female cats don’t have the burden of raising kittens 3 times a year and so look really good. Since we also grab the males and sterilise them, they stop fighting and are handsome and free of nasty bite wounds.
So, life looks good if you are a cat in Molyvos  – except that you will have to be caught and taken to the vet, and, if you are a female, you will be kept in a box for a couple of days after that and fed well until your wound has healed. As a male, you will be released the next day.
And this is what my friend Melinda and I have been doing for the last 10 years. Sometimes we have lots of help from other inhabitants of Molivos, animal organisations and foreign vets; sometimes it is just the two of us catching a couple of cats and bringing them to local vets. And, although it is hard work, somebody complimenting us on the lovely cats here makes it worth it. So we will keep going.
Over the last 10  years Karen and i have participated in sterilizing over 500 cats. We have had a lot of people give us money for this. Thankfully  as every male cat costs 40 euros each and the female costs 50 euros. This is the friendly price that we are given as they are stray cats. A home cat can cost up to 100 euros. This summer from the harbour with help from friends we sterilized 15 cats. Unluckily we had over ten kittens dumped next to The Captain’s Table and 3 mother cats. This was at the end of the summer so we were not able to sterilize them. If they survive the winter then it will be a job for spring. Hopefully none will have reproduced.
I would also like to put in special thanks to Jan who works for Birgit in the Glaros clothes shop in the harbour. She tirelessly  goes around the village most days feeding the strays

A Seasonal Job or A Year-Round Job?

The summer has passed. The tourists have gone and our restaurant, The Captain’s Table on the harbour is now closed for the winter. The crazy six months of working seven days a week (and seven evenings, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning) are over! As I get older (I know I don’t look it!) it gets a little harder every year to work those hours non-stop for so many months. Now, my life changes back to becoming just a mother and a wife.

I’m wondering if working a normal year-round job would be better……………

A year-round job would give me paid holidays and weekends off, a guaranteed salary and some kind of consistency, better if you have children.

A seasonal job is great if you have the stamina to work so hard non-stop with no personal time for yourself but, really, we are kidding ourselves when we consider the winter as our bonus time. The truth is we work the same amount of hours in six months as we would in a year-round job, it’s just more intensive. It’s also difficult when your children can’t understand why you are never at home in the summer and never have time. When the great six months of winter holiday finally comes. Providing you have made enough money during the summer, you can sit back and be at home, be a full-time mother and wife again. However, you can’t really travel anywhere because it’s term-time at school for the children and Christmas is usually too expensive for flights anywhere. Unless you don’t have children and then you can travel anytime and anywhere

What’s your opinion?