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Greek Traditions For New Years On Lesvos

Father Christmas in Greece, known as Agios Vassilis (Saint Basil/ Basillis/ Bill), comes with  the arrival of the New Year, bearing gifts.

It is tradition for the first visitor who comes to your home after the clock chimes 12.00  to knock on your door and when you open the door to him he will have a big stone with him, a jug of water and a pomegranate. He places the stone on the floor, pours the water over it and then breaks the pomegranate. This ritual is one to bring good luck to your home for the year ahead. Whilst he is performing the ritual he is also chanting words similar to these: “As heavy as this stone is, may your pockets be from abundance of money….As this water pours, may the happiness and laughter pour into your home….. As the same way the pomegranate seeds spread across your floor may the joy and heath spread across your home.

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wishes for 2015







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Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Melinda, Theo and Family.



A Black-winged Stilt ( Himantopus himantopus)

Lesvos is known as one of the best locations in Europe to see migrating birds

Christmas Bazaar

After a lot of work, we are pleased to announce that the Christmas Bazaar that took place on the 6th of December at the school ( there was a war as there were  a lot of people that did not want it at the school) took a whooping  7000 euros intake aprox. As we had other volunteer groups join us, this gross intake was not all ours.
For the school council we collected an amazing profit of 3500 euros
There were over 100 volunteers that helped on the night and we had 85 children sing Christmas carols in 8 languages for us.
Many thanks to every one.