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My name is Karen and I came to Molivos in 1991 from Holland because a Dutch friend of mine had started a restaurant on the harbour of Molivos and I came to work there for a couple of weeks. After that I was supposed to go to the island of Patmos where other friends of mine had a bar where I had arranged a holiday-job for 2 months. I did go to Patmos but I only stayed a month  because a few days before I left Molivos I  had met  Stratis, who I am now married to and who I have two sons with.
I worked many seasons as a holiday rep for a Dutch travel company and I had a clothes shop for a few years. However, next season I will mostly be preoccupied with our property just outside Molivos in The Tsipouri area. There we have land where we have built a lovely holiday house called “the Pyrgeli” and where we are going do some farming.
In winter, I never get bored, being preoccupied with many things – the Christmas Bazaar that is held in Molivos every year, building a car for the parade that is being organised for the Spring carnival and sterilising cats to try to keep the feline population down.
My sons are teenagers now and, besides worrying all the time about what silly thing they will do next, it gives me lots of free time to do all these other things.

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  Inge williams wrote @

Hallo Karen. Bij toeval heb ik deze blog gevonden. We ontmoeten elkaar elk jaar tijdens onze vakanties in Molivos. Misschien kun je je voor de geest halen wie we zijn. Michael en Inge,15 jaar geleden kwamen we met onze eigen kinderen de laatste jaren vooral samen en af en toe met een van de kleine pleegkindjes die ons tijdelijk zijn toevertrouwd. Volgende maand komen we weer naar Lesbos. Ik las vanmorgen over de enorme toestroom van vluchtelingen in de krant. Het houdt ons erg bezig en onze eerste vraag is kunnen we iets doen? Is er behoefte aan babykleertjes of benodigdheden. Zijn er dingen die wij vanuit NL mee kunnen nemen? Kun je ons aub iets laten weten. Tot snel.
Groetjes , Inge Williams

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