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On the 29th of December there was a celebration in Moria for the festive season. The celebration took place in the protected inner area and Starfish was invited to attend and help with the festivities.

There are three sections in the protected area.

Section A – Families and a few unaccompanied minors (over 270)

Section B – Unaccompanied minors (mainly in B but some in A, 330 children)

Section C – Single women (over 260)

There is the outer area in Moira with in the camp fence and then there is the Olive grove which is outside the camp


We were a team of five. Theo, Lindsey, Kimon, Rhea and me.

3 of the Starfish team started helping in section A by wrapping up presents and blowing up balloons.


Theo and I decided to start the process of distributing the 31 baby strollers that we had purchased with the donation of Angalia from Kalloni (We did not buy the cheapest as these break easily but brought the good sturdy ones at a cost of 55 euro each).


Theo stood by the van we arrived in, whilst I went into section A with Despina (who is in charge of this area).  We visited all the rooms and the tents situated in the centre of the compound.  They try to accommodate so many people that each room was filled to the brim with mothers with babies, fathers and so many children. We noticed that they have put up blankets that rope off little sections for some sort of make shift privacy. We called out before opening each one up so that they would feel that we were not invading their space.  We wanted to see if they had babies. It was shocking to see that most of the people are sleeping on the floor. They also have no protection against things being stolen if they leave their area.

The tents are sectioned into four tiny areas with two openings on one side and two on the other side.   Again, no privacy or protection.


So now the difficult task of choosing which families to give the strollers to. We of course chose the families with the biggest need, which we felt were the ones with the smallest babies and the single parent families. Whilst we were going through the camp, we saw a father with the cutest little girl whose mother had been killed. She started following us and wanted to be picked up and cuddled.

We gave one push chair per family even if they had more children. We made a few families smile.

With some pushchairs left over we then moved to section C and the single women. There were two women who had recently given birth. They all have bunk beds and at first glance there seemed to be eight or more in one room. The two mothers had their new-born babies lying next to them on the bunk bed. They were very happy to receive the strollers as these are ones that can be laid flat for new-born.


Now was to find some babies in the outer area of Moria to give the last of our strollers. These are people who should be in the protected area but are not because there just is no room.

We went from tent to tent and found so many babies but by now everyone in the camp had found out that we were giving out strollers and people started to come and crowd at the gate behind the van. The crowd grew larger and larger and with only 5 strollers left it was so hard to choose who needed them most so I gave them to whomever was closest to the front. I tried to explain that I will bring more in the New Year but with the language barrier, I don’t think anyone understood. For hours after that, women and families would come and find me with their babies in their arms and ask me for a stroller.  I kept apologising and trying to explain that they had finished. One very pregnant women with a three year old who looked like she would cry returned three times to ask for a stroller. It was heart breaking to watch and even more heart breaking to have to tell these people that we didn’t have any more strollers.


In the meantime the rest of the Starfish team continued to help out in Section A.

Lovely big chocolates where given out to all sections (Thank you EO metterdaad and Angalia for donating the money to Starfish). Over 800 balloons brought laughter and games to the children of Moria, but also to the adults. Rhea my teenager had a great time playing with some of the unaccompanied minors with the balloons. Even though these children have been through more than anyone can

IMG_1149imagine, they still find it in themselves to keep smiling and sometimes even laughing. They are still kids who just simply want to play! With music blasting and Father Christmas going into each section, it seemed as if their troubles had gone, if only for a few minutes. We loved the way so many people even started to dance.


When we finished, there was a box of chocolates left so Theo and I decided to take them into the outer section. We were surrounded within seconds and I was afraid for Theo as

IMG_1157people were pushing and grabbing out of desperation. We understand that this is how they have learnt to survive and sad to see that it was only for a chocolate.


After we left, we all felt a happy glow but were exhausted. Some of us even fell asleep in the car on the way home to our reality. Getting out of my warm bed this morning after it rained all night, it suddenly hit home that the people we visited the day before are still stuck in that overcrowded, wet, and cold camp with no prospects of their nightmare ending any time soon and no warm bed to climb out of.





Michaelis. Farewell!

19466371_1345544492188010_6377732951176990106_oYamas, Michaelis
I am sure they have ouzo
in heaven
although I am not sure
if there are donkeys or any horses
grazing above the clouds
You embraced life as a free man
loving donkeys, horses and women
You were always full of crazy stories
to celebrate life and friendship
while your Greek heart
could not beat without music
and dancing
as long as something was in the glass
and the table surrounded by company
You kept on smiling
whenever crisis or human disaster struck
you would fill a glass
raise it to heaven and challenge the gods
in order to drink to a happy life
you thought that lasted forever
and then you danced the night away
Your donkeys known by the entire village
in the winter finding their food in mountains and emptying my garden
in the summer carrying the weight of tourists
while you taught them how to live as a Greek,
enjoy sun, water, food and Ambrosia
I am sure you took everything
life offered you
and now it is time
to give back that free life you lived
to rest in heaven
where you probably will raise your glass once more:
Yamas, Michaelis!
This was written by Julie smit and i feel she has pictured Michalis  life  and you can follow her posts

Ship wreck in Molyvos


ship wreck 1

ship wreck 1

2014-12-28 15.24.43
Late December a fishing boat when off course and hit rocks on the second bay of Molyvos before the harbour.


2014-12-28 15.23.30
Nobody was hurt and the boat was completely destroyed. The captain and crew swam to shore.
The crew lost all their belonging 2014-12-28 15.24.56

Greek Traditions For New Years On Lesvos

Father Christmas in Greece, known as Agios Vassilis (Saint Basil/ Basillis/ Bill), comes with  the arrival of the New Year, bearing gifts.

It is tradition for the first visitor who comes to your home after the clock chimes 12.00  to knock on your door and when you open the door to him he will have a big stone with him, a jug of water and a pomegranate. He places the stone on the floor, pours the water over it and then breaks the pomegranate. This ritual is one to bring good luck to your home for the year ahead. Whilst he is performing the ritual he is also chanting words similar to these: “As heavy as this stone is, may your pockets be from abundance of money….As this water pours, may the happiness and laughter pour into your home….. As the same way the pomegranate seeds spread across your floor may the joy and heath spread across your home.

Screen Shot 2014-12-27 at 22.12.47

wishes for 2015



Molyvos tourist association organised a seminar called Social Media Marketing.  Of which they also contributed to the cost.

social media marketing

It was a two day course of which over 50 people with different businesses from Lesvos took.

We were captivated

We were captivated

It was a very enjoyable experience. We all learnt many things which should be a great help in our being able to introduce Molyvos and Lesvos to the world.

Our speaker was Panos Kazanelis, who kept our interest and made the event fun. With lot of humour and laughter helped keep our attention for the many hours that was needed to complete this course.


The seminar was held in the Delfinia hotel and Andonis and crew looked after us very well serving us with coffee and delicious biscuits when we needed a break

Island Hopping and with a connection to Lesvos

There is an airline that travels between our Greek  islands and one of the islands is Mytilene. So yes another way to get to Lesvos island.Image

Hurray !!!

I have known of some flights between us and other islands but not so regularly.  I really wanted to share this with everyone.


The Moving in Molyvos festival is part of a new creative approach to the promotion of the island’s well-known health-giving properties such as the natural hot spring spas. These are already enjoyed by both holiday-makers and participants in the many health and well-being seminars held on the island every year.
Now the local tourist association is bringing together the many teachers and workshop leaders working on Lesvos to celebrate their work in this unique three-day event.

The festival offers the chance to take part in a fascinating series of workshops, open to men and women, at the special festival price of 5 euro per class in:

• Yoga  (three different forms)
• Nia,
• Tai Chi
• Chi Gong,
• Healing Dances and songs
• Aqua therapy. 
• Greek dancing
• Eastern Belly dancing
• Nature walks

 All participants are invited to a series of complimentary Greek lessons and special free evening events:

 • Welcome drinks to introduce the festival and the teachers

• Sunset at Molyvos castle with ouzo and traditional Greek music

• A chance to dance! Enjoy a short performance of Greek dances  

    before getting up and joining in – encouraged by some Greek wine   

    and snacks.

 During the festival, there will be an exhibition of classic and contemporary work by local artists at the Trifon building on the harbour every evening, with free entrance for everyone.

All the festival events are designed to complement each other and to foster well-being, strengthen the mind and body, and energize the individual.

You can look at the festival programme and create your own, personal  timetable of classes, leaving time to experience the special energy and vibrance of Greece’s third largest island.

On our part, we look forward to welcoming you and providing a unique experience that maximises every aspect of Molyvos- our very special Aegean village.

A significant proportion of the festival income goes to local charities.

For more information check out our website. 



Spring and sunshine finally came to Lesvos last weekend after an amazingly cold winter and how did we celebrate?

We went to the old rubbish dump of Molyvos (Mythymna) and cleaned it up.

Set high up in the mountains behind Eftalou, it is an area of outstanding beauty and we wanted to restore it to its natural state.


With rubber gloves to the ready we marched forth to be horrified at how much rubbish there was still left there.


3 Tons of rubbish was collected, organised by the environmental group of the Molyvos Tourist Authority, the volunteers included residents of the village, the local scout group and even a group from the Mitilyne Post Office who drove 60 kilometers to join us.

However, Sky TV who were supposed to be filming the day didn’t show up but an interview was given by telephone. So, we didn’t make it on to the television but we got great suntans. 

There is still more rubbish but at least we are happy to be moving in the right direction and hope that this initiative will be taken up by many more local groups.




There are many waves in lifeThrough the Trees.                                                                                                                               

Waves hitting the shoreStones washed away.

These pictures were taken by  Elpi Deligianni.





 christmas card 11



Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Melinda, Theo and Family.



A Black-winged Stilt ( Himantopus himantopus)

Lesvos is known as one of the best locations in Europe to see migrating birds