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Born in Melbourne, I left Australia in 1968 at the ripe age of three, with my mother and sister on a ship bound for Greece. We were on our way to meet Aunt Norma and Uncle Percy, who had met a man named Con (Kostas) on a boat from Australia who suggested Molyvos as a nice side trip to their global itinerary. They never left.
In 1972, my mother Jennifer remarried a Greek man Giorgos who is from Molyvos and the extended family moved to Athens from London. Schooled in Athens at a British School later changing to a Greek school, any spare time was taken up by trips back to Molyvos where my father was a fisherman. Jennifer and Giorgos had three more daughters, making a grand total of five. One wonders how Giorgos survived in a house with six females!
In 1987 my mother and I opened a restaurant in Molyvos called ‘Melinda’s’ which turned out to be a huge success. I met my husband Theo this year and he later joined the business. In 1994 and Theo and I went out on our own and opened ‘The Captain’s Table’ in the harbour of Molyvos. To date it has been a flourishing restaurant serving a  large variety of cooking styles and an abundant amount of fresh fish.
We also have our own family of three children, Afrodite, Kimon and Rhea.
Theo and I have also invested in properties on Lesvos that we have turned into exclusive self-contained private houses for travellers seeking a home away from home on this beautiful island.

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