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Island Hopping and with a connection to Lesvos

There is an airline that travels between our Greek  islands and one of the islands is Mytilene. So yes another way to get to Lesvos island.Image

Hurray !!!

I have known of some flights between us and other islands but not so regularly.  I really wanted to share this with everyone.

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  Fraank Wood wrote @

IT LOOKS as though we may be forced to switch to independent air travel next year.
We have today (April 26, 2013,) picked up first review edition of Thomas Cook’s “Holidays in the Sun” from Britain to October, 2014. .
It’s a case of ” first the good news, now the bad news”.
The growing rumours in the UK that Thomas Cook was pull out of Lesvos next year, 2014, seem unfounded because Lesvos is included in the brochure, as are flights-only to Mytillini.
The bad news is that not one of the accommodations listed is in Molyvos.
There are three in Anaxos and four in Petra, but nothing listed for Molyvos.
It could be that accommodation owners in Molyvos have still to sign up with the TC company.
But we have saved the identical early brochure from TC for 2013 and that includes Molyvos Queen, The Seahorse Hotel, the Amfrititi Hotel, Panselinos Hotel and Studios, Marianthe Paradise self catering,- all in Molyvos – and even the Aegeon Hotel in Skala Kalloni.
Does anyone in Molyvos have a clear picture of what is happening??

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