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Lesvos, You Beautiful

Poem by Sappho translated by Molly Drake and Sabina Glas


Born out of fire,

mingled by waves your waters caress me,

your rocks support me

Your winds carry the old with them

Your sun warms my heart Old Dragon Woman, you,

who are resting there

Calling me into your dreams

Whispering silently your messages into my ears

Your snake children wandering through me

And your stony body mixes with my bones.

This loosens my soul and dreamt of brother ego

That sent this distant message to me,

Strong bones, strong heart, strong minds

My songs and dances call

The shining companions out of the sea I could catch a glimpse of their play

In my heart I melted with them and followed them

In Dreams I danced and sang with earthy playmates

Praising your beauty and breathing in the hot water the Strength of Mother Earth

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