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What’s the weather like on Lesvos in the winter?

Buying a field outside the village and building a house looking across the valley to the mountains seemed like a really good idea at the time. But we had forgotten about February!

It’s great to wander down our dry dirt road to the sea in the summer but in January and February this delightful meandering path can become a raging torrent – an escape route for rainwater from all the surrounding high land.

It recently snowed lightly and has now rained non-stop for two days and two nights and, if other years are anything to go by, it will soon be time to drive the car very slowly and carefully through the water to the main road, and leave it there – squelching back up the ‘road’ in wellies, praying that the water doesn’t come over the top of them.

Plodding through this river in the daytime to get to the car again is bearable in the daytime, but not so much fun at night – especially as the four street lights usually blow a fuse when it’s so wet.

This year has been an improvement on past experiences however. Last year my entire garden flooded, as did the sewage pit. The smell I can stand but not when the contents threaten to bubble up through the ground-floor bathroom drain. When it happened last time, we spent hours in the rain digging down to the pit and putting in a pump to empty it.

This year we were well prepared, having dug a hole under the fence to re-route most of the flood water into the farmer’s field next door. It was fallow at the time but he could try his hand at rice-growing now. It’s perfect conditions.

But that’s February! Only a few more weeks of wind and rain now. Then the daffodils will come into bloom, the donkeys will come to ‘mow’ my grass down to a reasonable height, and Spring will be just around the corner……..


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