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Sterilising Cats.

A lot of people that come on holiday to Molivos tell me that the cats here look so well compared with many other holiday places.  If you look well you can see that many of the cats in Molivos are missing a little tip of one ear and that is the reason that they don’t look too bad –  these are the ones which have been sterilised. That is one of the reasons that there aren’t so many cats (allthough people keep dumping kittens) and, better still, the female cats don’t have the burden of raising kittens 3 times a year and so look really good. Since we also grab the males and sterilise them, they stop fighting and are handsome and free of nasty bite wounds.
So, life looks good if you are a cat in Molyvos  – except that you will have to be caught and taken to the vet, and, if you are a female, you will be kept in a box for a couple of days after that and fed well until your wound has healed. As a male, you will be released the next day.
And this is what my friend Melinda and I have been doing for the last 10 years. Sometimes we have lots of help from other inhabitants of Molivos, animal organisations and foreign vets; sometimes it is just the two of us catching a couple of cats and bringing them to local vets. And, although it is hard work, somebody complimenting us on the lovely cats here makes it worth it. So we will keep going.
Over the last 10  years Karen and i have participated in sterilizing over 500 cats. We have had a lot of people give us money for this. Thankfully  as every male cat costs 40 euros each and the female costs 50 euros. This is the friendly price that we are given as they are stray cats. A home cat can cost up to 100 euros. This summer from the harbour with help from friends we sterilized 15 cats. Unluckily we had over ten kittens dumped next to The Captain’s Table and 3 mother cats. This was at the end of the summer so we were not able to sterilize them. If they survive the winter then it will be a job for spring. Hopefully none will have reproduced.
I would also like to put in special thanks to Jan who works for Birgit in the Glaros clothes shop in the harbour. She tirelessly  goes around the village most days feeding the strays

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