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A Seasonal Job or A Year-Round Job?

The summer has passed. The tourists have gone and our restaurant, The Captain’s Table on the harbour is now closed for the winter. The crazy six months of working seven days a week (and seven evenings, sometimes until 3 or 4 in the morning) are over! As I get older (I know I don’t look it!) it gets a little harder every year to work those hours non-stop for so many months. Now, my life changes back to becoming just a mother and a wife.

I’m wondering if working a normal year-round job would be better……………

A year-round job would give me paid holidays and weekends off, a guaranteed salary and some kind of consistency, better if you have children.

A seasonal job is great if you have the stamina to work so hard non-stop with no personal time for yourself but, really, we are kidding ourselves when we consider the winter as our bonus time. The truth is we work the same amount of hours in six months as we would in a year-round job, it’s just more intensive. It’s also difficult when your children can’t understand why you are never at home in the summer and never have time. When the great six months of winter holiday finally comes. Providing you have made enough money during the summer, you can sit back and be at home, be a full-time mother and wife again. However, you can’t really travel anywhere because it’s term-time at school for the children and Christmas is usually too expensive for flights anywhere. Unless you don’t have children and then you can travel anytime and anywhere

What’s your opinion?



  Frank Wood wrote @

LOVE the new blog.
The only big problem we have with the blog is that it keeps reminding us of our beloved Molyvos —- and we want to be there!. Right now!!
We hope you’ll use your new blog to keep us up to date – warts and all – with all that is happening there.
Meanwhile I’ll start searching out pictures of Molyvos from the thousands we have taken.
Love from Sheila and Frank Wood in rainy, depressing England.

  Mike Bailey wrote @

Fully agree with Frank & Sheila although this morning is cold with bright sunshine but tomorrow?
We dare not start looking through the photographs oterwise we will become suicidal. Between us and the Woodies we must have taken Molyvos from every angle.
We visit other islands and has its own character but nothing compares to Molyvos only one complaint no webcab!

  molyvosevents wrote @

What is a webcab???

  Mike Bailey wrote @

A webcab is inserted into a comment to see if anybody reads it and comes back with a smartarse reply. Congrats on reading the blog.

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