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Hello world!

This is a new experience for me and I hope you all are patient while I learn the art of blogging.

I would like to have a blog which we can all enjoy and  contribute to.

If any one has nice photos of Molivos please send them to me so I can add them to the blog.

Any ideas and  suggestions are welcome.

The summer has ended and we are in the process of getting used to our winter programme which is already looking quite full with the Christmas bazaar on the 13th of December (last year 105 volunteers) .

Carnival on the 15th of February. This year our group is performing GREASE. This is with two different dance routines.  One of the dance routines is with 30 6-7-8 year olds.

Most of the restaurants and tourist shops are  closed for the winter.  There is now an air of quietness.

I am looking forward to hearing your comments and advice.


  Samantha wrote @

Sounds like a great idea for a blog! I look forward to reading more about Molyvos life.

  vicky wrote @

Hi Melinda,

Yes a Molyvos blog is a great idea. And yes this is why I stopped working in Molyvos – you have no life in the summer to relax and then in the winter it is too parochial like most small places. But it still is a beautiful place and will always remain dear to my heart. Only as a tourist would I return. Working over in Greece generally sucks due to dodgy and unethical business practises and corrupt governement officials intimidating local small businesses.
You would have to be crazy to put up with the horrible and scathing comeptition and jealousy from others if you do well and the ridicule if you don’t. Apart from the sun, the magic of Greece and the great people you meet both foreign and local – Greece is really quite unsophisticated both in systems of infrastructure, personal liberty and freedom and true justice for the underdog.

  Frank Wood wrote @

DON’T know about the unethical business practices, scathing competition and jealousy that Vicky talks about —- but “unsophisticated and parochial”?
Good god, that’s what makes Molyvos so very special. Like Michael and Christine Bailey, we keep trying other islands and other holiday destinations but we keep coming back to Molyvos because, unlike so many other places, it hasn’t yet sold its soul to tourism and is inhabited by real people. Real parochial people like those featured in the pictures on this blog, such as Timos at TK’s store, Nikos and his brother, Melinda and Teo at The Captain’s Table, Dimitris and Stella at The Seahorse and the man with the most photographed face in Molyvos, Costas at the harbour gift shop.
Roll on next May for another dose of unsophisticated parochialism.

  Rosie Walley wrote @

I entirely agree with you, Frank. Molyvos is a magical place – why would anyone want to change it? That’s what keeps us returning year after year. We visited a number of Greek islands before “discovering” Lesvos 10 years ago. And once we’d found our idea of paradise, nothing else can match it! Over the years, little has changed on the island (thankfully!) – just our love of it which continues to grow with each visit! It’s only the thought of Molyvos that gets me through winters in England!!

  Della Bossart wrote @

It has been a long 5 years since my husband, Roger, and I visited Molyvos. We have fond memories of the Captain’s Table and the Stone Cottage, and all of the wonderful families in Molyvos. We only hope we will have an opportunity to return for another visit to your lovely island.

I think this blog is a wonderful idea for keeping us posted on what is happening in Molyvos. Thanks Melinda!

  vicky wrote @

Totally agree with you Frank if you visit for the summer and are on holiday.
I lived there for 8 years – totally different story
Those same lovely faces down at the harbour are not so lovely in the winter with each other.
So spare me the idealism of the limited touristic view. I speak as an ex- resident of a Greek background that understands the language of Greek misery towards one fellow villager because he happened to make more money than him/her in the summer. Or the ridicule they have towards the tourists if they don’t buy some of their wares- or the perpetuating hatred and bitterness of having to work whilst others are on holiday. Seeing the place with rose coloured glasses is okay when you’re only transient.
Take care and continue to enjoy Molyvos cause I do as well- AS A TOURIST

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